The Wine Check Luggage for air travel - The Safest wine bag for your bottles
The Wine Check is the safest way to transport your wine on the airplane
Are you planning a trip to, or are currently visiting France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK or elsewhere in Europe? Meet the Wine Check, the wine bottle travel solution. This specialized wine travel carrying case works in combination with Lazenne's line of bottle protectors allowing you to bring up to 15 bottles of delicious, local goodness (wine, champagne, porto, cider, beer, whiskey, olive oil, you name it) home! 

Pack. Place up to 15 bottles into the Wine Check luggage

Roll. Roll the wine luggage with you to the airport
Check-it. Check your Wine Check in like any regular luggage
Unpack. Bring your bottles back home safe and sound, undamaged
Enjoy. Share your a unique souvenir from Europe with your friends
Re-use. Flatten Wine Check and place inside your suitcase. Repurchase insert at new destination
The Wine Check is:
  • Protects against major impacts and is crush resistant, keeping your bottles safe
  • Maintains steady temperature and pressure levels, protecting your bottles’ precious content serving as a cooler bag.
  • Easy to pack
  • Fits a variety of bottle diameters and heights allowing you to take back different types of wine (from standard sizes to larger bottles), champagne, porto, cider, beer, whiskey, olive oil, etc.
  • Easy to handle – rolling wheels, carrying straps
  • Reusable
  • Foldable when empty and without styrofoam (polystyrene) protector
  • Replaceable, recyclable styrofoam protection
Buy the Wine Check luggage in Europe
The Wine Check for 15 mixed bottles, 12 classic, 3 larger
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